Salute Colorado supports veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces through mentorship, networking and funding as they pave civilian life paths. By helping U.S. veterans navigate the business world in pursuit of post-service careers, our aim is to see these leaders in service emerge as leaders in business and community.

Interested in Real Estate or Technology?

We are particularly qualified to support veterans interested in careers in real estate or technology, as our organization has strong ties to these fields and we have access to a professional network and resources to support you.

When we say real estate, most people think of the more obvious – residential or commercial sales – but we’re open to supporting a wide-range of careers related to the real estate field. In addition to the obvious, that could be finance, law, construction, mortgage, title, property management…the list goes on.

In terms of technology, we mean technology-related entrepreneurship, but we can help those with an interest in programming, as well. Technology is obviously a wide field, let’s talk about your interests, and we’ll let you know if we think we can work with you.

Not interested in real estate or technology?

That might be okay, too. Those two fields play to our strengths, but we remain open to considering applications from those interested in other fields. Ultimately, it’s in the best interest of both parties, if we accept only those who we think we can support. Please contact us, if you would like to be considered.



We’re now accepting applications!

Post-9/11 veterans who are motivated to pave a civilian career path with the support of mentors, a business network and a grant are encouraged to apply to our program.