Welcome to Salute Colorado’s new website!

My name is Heidi Phan-Peterson and I have been working with Lane Hornung since last summer to develop our nonprofit program that supports veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces – we named our organization Salute Colorado.

The aim of our program has been to inspire and empower Salute Colorado veterans to apply some of the qualities that made them successful in the service to helping them achieve success in the civilian sector.

Here is a brief summary of our program in the shape it has taken today:

  • Salute Colorado supports and empowers veterans in our 2-year program through mentorship, networking opportunities, peer support and funding for career-enhancing pursuits.
  • Mentorship is a critical component of our program.  Mentors are thoughtfully selected for compatibility of interests and, whenever possible, are veterans themselves.  Each commits to meeting with his/her veteran once a month for two years.
  • Another important component of our program is to raise awareness among civilians of who the ~1% of the US population is that serves in our military today.  To that end, our Associates are asked to present a “community share” twice a year of some aspect of their military experience.
  • We completed our first class of Associates (veterans) in May.  They are four unique and great individuals that we are proud to support – Jenn Callaway, David Dunlap, Brian Richardson and Tyler Schlagel.
  • We have four equally impressive Mentors, who are passionate about supporting veterans – Dave Cass, Lida Citroen, Shawn Knadler and Lane (yes, Lane’s a mentor, too!)
  • Our program is modeled after the Greenhouse Scholars program, a local Boulder non-profit developed and run by Pete Burridge (CEO) and Andra Pool (COO).  We are grateful to them for sharing their resources and the best practices they have gained from running their esteemed program serving under-resourced college kids.
  • We also have to thank the creative team at Greenhouse Partners, Mr. Burridge’s brand consulting company, for donating their time and talents to helping us select the organization’s name and designing the logo – thanks, Pete and team!!
  • We are currently applying for 501(c) status.  Salute Colorado is currently funded by 8z, Lane’s for-profit company.  We plan to seek public funding once our program has been further established.

Through our program’s high-touch, personalized approach, we aim to empower veterans to emerge leaders in business and community, as they were leaders in service.

Take a look around our website to learn more about us.  And, please stay tuned to follow our progress.  We are pleased to serve our veterans through Salute Colorado!

Heidi Phan-Peterson
Executive Director